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America and T-shirts, Celebrating Freedom Since Day One.

To understand this tag team you need a little history on the explosive triple team known as America, T-shirts, and freedom. Starting off in the early 19th century T-shirts were born from cutting Union suits, also known as long underwear, at the waist to make it easier to be pulled overhead. In the 1920’s the term T-shirt was coined for the outline of the garment and, put into Merriam-Webster dictionaries. During the Great Depression ranch and farm workers wore T-shirts since it was still inappropriate to show the pectorals. Then in 1939 World War II started and T-shirts were standard issue for the Army and Navy.

So America and T-shirts have been “pals” through some of the hardest times in our country’s history. It makes sense because they are both prime examples of FREEDOM! In our armed forces we have 2,220,412 brave men and women currently ready to go to war to protect our Nation. More importantly protecting our freedom. T-shirts are that freedom, T-shirts are America! We love those freedoms, 91% of Americans claim to own a favorite T-shirt. The ability to “advertise” whatever you want and support your beliefs on your shirt and display it to the world it one of our greatest freedoms.

In 1939 the first promotional T-shirt was printed for The Wizard of Oz and since then promotional T-shirts have exploded. A very popular T-shirt is the “Vote for Pedro” created from the movie Napoleon Dynamite. There are countless reasons this T-shirt screams America and freedom. First you have the right to vote; voting to elect a person to make laws in your favor is representative democracy. This system is proven in America to protect our freedom. Second you are voting for Pedro, he immigrated to the USA to experience the freedom of this great nation. He was welcomed into the American melting pot, experienced the freedom to grow a mustache in high school, and then chose to serve his fellow man and protect their freedoms.

The T-shirt is a way to express yourself – support your cause, be a part of a “tribe”, spread laughter, share your love of music or your favorite band, show the world you can run a marathon, remember your favorite vacation spot or to just Vote for Pedro. What’s your favorite shirt?

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-The Sunpup

An Applique’ even my son will wear

When my wife and 14 year old daughter are “discussing” latest fashion trends and what will or will not be allowed to be worn, the conversation is about style, fit and mostly appropriate size. Surprisingly, these are not the most heated attire conversations in my house, that honor belongs to my 6 year old son.

His main concern is not whether his friends will like it, or how he will look in it. He is only concerned with comfort. At the root of the issue is the natural conflict between my wife’s desire to have him wear “cute” clothes that usually involve some sort of animal sewn onto his shirt and his rebellion against itchy clothes.

A recent shirt we created for a customer may have helped me solve this conflict. Our SunPatch applique’ does not need sewing, or the itchy backing! As you can see from the photo below, the shirt is super cute (satisfy my wife) and comfortable to wear (happy son). Now if we could just create a shirt to help my wife forget what it was like to be 14!


Eco-Friendly printing process

Sundog Productions is setting a new standard for screen printed apparel with our advanced seaweed based process. It is the most eco-friendly printing system on the market today.

Our patent pending process offers:
–  No PVC, binders, or resins.
–  The printed graphic feels soft, exactly like the material
–  Dyes create a permanent bond with the material and will not run or crack after repeated washing.

Our new process has caught the attention of eco-friendly companies and organizations (Sea World, The Smithsonian Institution, and the Grateful Dead).  We are currently pursuing certification to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which prohibits the use of hazardous chemical inputs.  When complete Sundog Productions will be the first GOTS-certified screen printer in the USA.


Screen-printed with our new seaweed based process

Sundog Productions has been in the custom dye business for over 25 years and continues to demonstrate leadership in creating new styles, processes and designs. Our shop in Fairfax, VA provides a reduced carbon footprint as we have all operations under one roof: Dye, Wash, Screen-print, Embroidery, and even Cut & Sew.

Today Show Contest Winner

The team at Sundog Productions is known for their t-shirt passion, evident in the quality garments they produce on a consistent basis, but passion often extends beyond the work day. General Manager, Allison Moser has been visiting the NBC Today Show for 10 years to participate in their annual Halloween Costume contest.

As a finalist many times, Allison’s projects seem to get bigger and bigger, and not just in scope. This year’s first place rendition was a life size Mr. Potato head, which caused a dilemma when after 200 hours of work; it wouldn’t fit into Allison’s full size SUV for the trip to NY. Scrambling to find a solution, she turned to Sundog’s long time landlord Ted Britt Ford for assistance. They graciously loaned a Ford cargo van and saved the day.

For someone willing to spend 200 hours developing and building a Halloween costume it would seem evident their family would need to be supportive of this endeavor, and Allison’s family is no different. They have been recruited time and time again to support her designs and bring these intricate costumes to life. From her infant daughter Julia’s first appearance as a paratrooper, to her son Steven’s red dyed fire hair and her husband Keith’s willingness to dress as a girl scout they have all caught the costume contest bug over the years. Even Allison’s sister Karin and niece Sloan have been involved on multiple occasions.

Allison will admit the prizes are nice, but the accolades she receives from family and friends are really what drive her passion. But for Julia, a ten year old, and ten year participant in her mother’s pursuit, this year may be the best yet. They have won an opportunity to meet heartthrob Justin Bieber, courtesy of The Today Show. She will be traveling back to New York on November 23rd with her cousin Sloan (also 10) for the anticipated meeting and concert. Surely to be an exciting day!


Click below to see a sampling of the costumes over the years:

2001 Paratroopers

2003 Traffic Cone

2005 Girl Scouts

2007 Letter to Matt Lauer

2008 Spider Web

2009 Xylophone

2010 Monopoly

Sundog Productions

Sundog Productions is a finalist in two categories for the Wearables Apparel Design Contest. Please follow the link below to vote for us in the following categories:

Category: Best Eco Product

Description: Giraffe Onesie
This garment was screen printed using a new proprietary sea weed based printing process, which is the most eco-friendly printing system for natural fibers in the market today. It contains no PVC, binders or resins. We are pursuing certification to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which prohibits the use of hazardous chemical inputs. When complete, Sundog Productions will be the first GOTS certified screen printer in the USA. Of course the garment itself was manufactured in the US from Organic Cotton by our in house brand Imagine Greenwear. This patent pending process can now be expanded to private label applications. We can provide the garments or use yours. Similarly, we have a full art department or we can use your artwork.

Category: Best Apparel Innovation

Description:Woodstock Burnout.
An innovative process enables us to burn out specific logos or symbols into an existing t-shirt. This saves the headaches of trying to sew together burned out fabric, reduces the minimum required, and expands the application to promotional products and designs. We can utilize most any logo or symbol, and can apply in one location or as an all over print. We finished this specific sample with a traditional tie dye swirl, but we can also leave it plain, over dye with a solid color or add traditional screen printing to create the best looking garment of your choosing.

Vote Here: (use ASI #603640)

Thank you!

The Sundog Blog begins

We are excited to share our passion for t-shirts and the incredible people who design, create and wear them! We hope to convey our enthusiasm in a light and entertaining manner while providing useful information for our customers, fans and others passionate about t-shirts.

We all have our favorite tees, which we wear over and over again as soon as they make it onto the clean pile. What makes this shirt so special? Is it the comfortable feel? Your favorite color? or does it commemorate a significant event in your life? Please share the story of your favorite shirt and what makes it so great by submitting this form:
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