To understand this tag team you need a little history on the explosive triple team known as America, T-shirts, and freedom. Starting off in the early 19th century T-shirts were born from cutting Union suits, also known as long underwear, at the waist to make it easier to be pulled overhead. In the 1920’s the term T-shirt was coined for the outline of the garment and, put into Merriam-Webster dictionaries. During the Great Depression ranch and farm workers wore T-shirts since it was still inappropriate to show the pectorals. Then in 1939 World War II started and T-shirts were standard issue for the Army and Navy.

So America and T-shirts have been “pals” through some of the hardest times in our country’s history. It makes sense because they are both prime examples of FREEDOM! In our armed forces we have 2,220,412 brave men and women currently ready to go to war to protect our Nation. More importantly protecting our freedom. T-shirts are that freedom, T-shirts are America! We love those freedoms, 91% of Americans claim to own a favorite T-shirt. The ability to “advertise” whatever you want and support your beliefs on your shirt and display it to the world it one of our greatest freedoms.

In 1939 the first promotional T-shirt was printed for The Wizard of Oz and since then promotional T-shirts have exploded. A very popular T-shirt is the “Vote for Pedro” created from the movie Napoleon Dynamite. There are countless reasons this T-shirt screams America and freedom. First you have the right to vote; voting to elect a person to make laws in your favor is representative democracy. This system is proven in America to protect our freedom. Second you are voting for Pedro, he immigrated to the USA to experience the freedom of this great nation. He was welcomed into the American melting pot, experienced the freedom to grow a mustache in high school, and then chose to serve his fellow man and protect their freedoms.

The T-shirt is a way to express yourself – support your cause, be a part of a “tribe”, spread laughter, share your love of music or your favorite band, show the world you can run a marathon, remember your favorite vacation spot or to just Vote for Pedro. What’s your favorite shirt?

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-The Sunpup