Sundog’s skilled team assists you from concept to post production to ensure you receive a superior garment that exceeds your goals.  Whether you desire an updated look for your corporate apparel, or require  the latest trends to launch your own clothing line our innovative factory enables us to provide a multitude of solutions to meet every need.

  • Traditional Printing
  • All Over/Large Printing
  • Organic/Seaweed Ink Printing
  • Water-base Printing
  • Burnout Printing
  • Discharge Printing

If you’d like to find out more or get started on your project we’d love to hear from you. Please contact John Sague at or give us a call 703-978-0041.

Traditional Printing
Sundog can print 1-color to multi-color and everything in-between. There are numerous screen printing machines at our facility in Fairfax, Virginia and turn around time is generally 5 – 10 days.

All Over/Large Printing
Why limit yourself to a 12×12 print area?  We can print the entire shirt area and expand your canvas.  Sundog uses large (40” x 52”) screens to create a shirt with an all over pattern, or an over sized print.  These prints are 1 color and can bleed off all sides of the shirt.

We also offer multi-color printing in the large format using our 17” x 52” screens.  This is often used to create a side or shoulder print that bleeds off the top and bottom of the shirt.

Organic/Seaweed Ink Printing
Tired of the heavy plastic feel of traditional screen printing?  Concerned about the impact of these inks on the environment?  Our proprietary Sundog Sea-Ink may be the answer.   We have created the most Eco-friendly printing system in the market today using our seaweed based inks.  They have no PVC, binders or resins, and do not use any harmful chemicals.  We are in the process of certifying it to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).   When complete Sundog Productions will be the first certified screen printer in the USA.

The prints are incredibly soft and feel just like the fabric because they bind molecularly and have no feel like traditional plastisol.

Water-base Printing
Water-based printing is another option for your print. This type of printing is best done on light fabrics and works well on towels as the ink distributes better. This like Seaweed printing, is best, when a  “soft hand” is desirable.

Burnout Printing
Our unique process enables your artwork or logo to be etched into the fabric like traditional burnout.  We start with a 50/50 cotton/poly blend shirt and apply the formula which causes the cotton to “burn out” and the polyester to remain intact creating a see through design.  Some shirts are more subtle than others, and our creative staff can help you decide which shirt would be right for you.  These can be done as an allover print, or in a specific location on the garment to meet your design and budget needs.

Discharge Printing
Utilizing a discharge formula we can remove the color from your garment creating your designs with no ink.  This is great for all over prints avoiding the weight of traditional inks.  It can also be combined with traditional inks to enhance the final product. This process is also soft and feels just like the fabric.

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