When my wife and 14 year old daughter are “discussing” latest fashion trends and what will or will not be allowed to be worn, the conversation is about style, fit and mostly appropriate size. Surprisingly, these are not the most heated attire conversations in my house, that honor belongs to my 6 year old son.

His main concern is not whether his friends will like it, or how he will look in it. He is only concerned with comfort. At the root of the issue is the natural conflict between my wife’s desire to have him wear “cute” clothes that usually involve some sort of animal sewn onto his shirt and his rebellion against itchy clothes.

A recent shirt we created for a customer may have helped me solve this conflict. Our SunPatch applique’ does not need sewing, or the itchy backing! As you can see from the photo below, the shirt is super cute (satisfy my wife) and comfortable to wear (happy son). Now if we could just create a shirt to help my wife forget what it was like to be 14!