The team at Sundog Productions is known for their t-shirt passion, evident in the quality garments they produce on a consistent basis, but passion often extends beyond the work day. General Manager, Allison Moser has been visiting the NBC Today Show for 10 years to participate in their annual Halloween Costume contest.

As a finalist many times, Allison’s projects seem to get bigger and bigger, and not just in scope. This year’s first place rendition was a life size Mr. Potato head, which caused a dilemma when after 200 hours of work; it wouldn’t fit into Allison’s full size SUV for the trip to NY. Scrambling to find a solution, she turned to Sundog’s long time landlord Ted Britt Ford for assistance. They graciously loaned a Ford cargo van and saved the day.

For someone willing to spend 200 hours developing and building a Halloween costume it would seem evident their family would need to be supportive of this endeavor, and Allison’s family is no different. They have been recruited time and time again to support her designs and bring these intricate costumes to life. From her infant daughter Julia’s first appearance as a paratrooper, to her son Steven’s red dyed fire hair and her husband Keith’s willingness to dress as a girl scout they have all caught the costume contest bug over the years. Even Allison’s sister Karin and niece Sloan have been involved on multiple occasions.

Allison will admit the prizes are nice, but the accolades she receives from family and friends are really what drive her passion. But for Julia, a ten year old, and ten year participant in her mother’s pursuit, this year may be the best yet. They have won an opportunity to meet heartthrob Justin Bieber, courtesy of The Today Show. She will be traveling back to New York on November 23rd with her cousin Sloan (also 10) for the anticipated meeting and concert. Surely to be an exciting day!


Click below to see a sampling of the costumes over the years:

2001 Paratroopers

2003 Traffic Cone

2005 Girl Scouts

2007 Letter to Matt Lauer

2008 Spider Web

2009 Xylophone

2010 Monopoly