We all have at least 20 t-shirts, some of us many, many more. Do we really need or want another one?
YES!! And here’s why. For most of us, each shirt has a meaning or a memory associated with it. We even save our t-shirts and turn them into quilts.

I am a t-shirt junkie and a runner – so I have about 50 shirts at any given time – and I wear all of them. All of my shirts have meaning to me, and most of them evoke some sort of emotion or memory when I wear them.
The ones I cherish the most are my SIDS and Brisan shirts. After my son Brisan died of SIDS in 2004 I had events called Brisan’s Bash to raise money and awareness for SIDS research and outreach. For each of these events I had t-shirts printed and everyone that attended received one. This was important to me because I knew there would be hundreds of shirts out there with Brisans name and logo on it, which for me, kept his memory alive. In addition each of these shirts displayed the message to END SIDS, which raised awareness and gave family and friends a way to support me during a time when they felt helpless.

Since the first Brisan’s Bash I have had four additional fundraising events and have run three 200-mile relay races in his memory. I had shirts printed for each of these events and each time I see someone wearing one (which is quite often) and when I wear mine (which is at least once if not twice a week), I feel connected to my son and blessed by all the support of my family and friends. These events and these shirts continue to raise awareness and funds for SIDS research.

For me raising awareness and money is a big reason for my large t-shirt collection. My father has Parkinson’s and he is also the one who introduced me to running. I wear my HOPE shirt on my runs a lot – it motivates me to run when I don’t feel like it or to find the strength when I feel like I just can’t take another step. It’s more than just a printed shirt – it’s my motivation, it’s a billboard to help get a message out and it’s a way to feel connected to others. When hundreds or thousands of people wear the same shirt with the same message – we are all connected and come together for specific cause or event or celebration.

Feeling like a part of a group or “tribe” is another reason we love our t-shirts. I have run so many races from 5K’s to 200 Mile relays that I’ve lost count – but I have most, if not all, of the shirts from these events. They each evoke a different memory and feeling each time I wear them and a sense of pride that I belong to the “tribe” called RUNNERS. I am a runner and I love being a part of that group.

Most of my favorite shirts I no longer even wear, because I had them made into a t-shirt quilt. It’s the softest and most sought after blanket in the house and a great way to wrap yourself up in memories.

So if you are contemplating whether or not to get a printed shirt for your event – DO IT! There is a lifetime of memories, meaning and motivation in that t-shirt.