Sundog creates and designs custom shirts and apparel by tie-dye, pigment dye, screen-printing, embroidery, organic printing, all over printing and custom sew.

The company makes customized shirts for major theme parks, A-list bands, Fortune 500 companies, local governments, fire and rescue departments,
independent shops, record stores, teams, special events and schools.

We do it all – under one roof!

  • Tie Dyeing
  • Custom Dyeing
  • Tea Stain Dyeing
  • Ombre Dyeing
  • Specialty Wash
  • Traditional Screen Printing
  • Organic Seaweed Dye Printing: Sea-Ink
  • All Over and Large Printing
  • Resist Print Application
  • Burn Out Process: Sunburn
  • Embroidery
  • Sewing Capabilities

Sundog is the only Manufacturer in the City of Fairfax and one of the few textile manufactures still in the USA.